Regularly Scheduled Nets

Cowlitz County ACS conducts a regular Monday evening net at 2000L on the LCARA 2 meter repeater, W7DG. The frequency is 147.26, + offset, 114.8 PL tone. ACS announcements as well as LCARA and general interest announcements are made on this net. Check-ins from non-members are welcome. In the event of an emergency this net would be activated for check-in and further information.

Washington State ARES® conducts the Washington State Emergency Net every Monday at 1830L on 3985 kHz (alt. 7245 kHz) except during the winter months when it begins at 1730L. There is a Saturday morning edition every Saturday at 0900L on 3985 kHz (alt. 7245 kHz). This HF SSB net accepts checkins statewide. Net control duties are rotated around the state.

Common Frequencies

W7DG - LCARA Repeater (Columbia Heights)
147.26, + offset, pl tone: 114.8

W7DG - LCARA Repeater (Woodland)
147.30, + offset, pl tone: 114.8

N7DEM-10 - ACS Winlink 2000 RMS Packet Station

W7AIA - Clark County ARC (Vancouver)
147.24, + offset, pl tone: none

N7PRJ - Baw Faw Repeater Group
147.06, + offset, pl tone: 110.9

NU7D Repeater
224.660, - offset, pl tone: 114.8

W7DG - LCARA Repeater (Columbia Heights)
444.900, + offset, pl tone: 114.8

AB7F Linked Repeater System- (Longview)
440.375, + offset, pl tone: 123.0